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Community features

Community Features

Public global search

You can search public organizations which are created under premium public organizations and free public organizations without logging-in to Xapi through Xapi site (opens in a new tab). You can follow these steps to search public organizations:

  1. Navigate to Xapi site. (opens in a new tab)
  2. Select the search field and enter the name of the organization that you desire to search for.
  3. Click on the All Xapi button.

Then all the organizations that are queried from the entered text appear below. If you click on the See all results button all the resulted organizations appear on the All Organizations screen.

After clicking on a search result, you can see the public profile of the organization. For more information about public profile, see public profile.

Public profile

You can search and view the APIs which are created under free public organizations and public API catalogs which are created under premium public organizations. For more information about the global search, see public global search.

After clicking on the search result, the public profile of the organization appears.

The organization public profile consists of following features:

  • Organization Profile – This has organization name, description, and the profile pic.
  • Organization catalogs
  • Number of projects in the organization
  • Number of members in the organization

You can see the public API collections, APIs, and API models inside a catalog by clicking on the API catalog. Once you click on an API, you will see the API versions of the API. When you click on the API, the API editor screen will appear. To learn more about this, see Public API editor.