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Inviting new users to organization

Xapi organizations enable inviting existing Xapi users as well as non-Xapi users to join their organizations.


Note: Who can invite whom to their organization?

  • Only the organization owner can invite users to the organization as organization admins.
  • Both the organization owner and organization admin can invite users to the organization as organization members and organization consumers.

You may invite users to your organization in following instances:


Info: To learn how to invite users at organization creation, see Create organization

  • After organization creation (see below)

To invite people to existing organizations:

  1. From the left navigation, click People. Note that the People screen appears.

  2. You may invite users as given below.

FieldDescriptionSample Value
Member nameInvite users by entering the email or username.
  • For existing Xapi users, enter the username (@username).
  • For non-XAPI users, enter the email.

  • 📃
    Note: You may invite up to eight individuals at a time.
  • Existing XAPI users: @johndoe
  • Non-XAPI users:
  • Member roleThis is the user type that the invitee will assume at this organization:
  • Organization Admin
  • Organization Member
  • Organization Consumer
  • ℹ️
    Info: To learn more about organization user types, see Organization users.
    Organization Admin
    1. Click Invite. Note that:

      • All the invitees of your organization will be notified.
      • The pending invites will be highlighted under the respective user category tab.