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A product backlog represents a catalog of tickets associated with future API requirements in the project. Project members can examine this Backlog to identify the high-priority API requirements and start working on them by moving to the 'TO DO' state in the project Kanban board.


Viewing project backlog

To view the project backlog:

  1. On the left-naviagtion pane, click Backlog. Note that the project backlog appears. This includes tickets that were without a reference to an API.


Moving backlog tickets to Kanban board

To move a ticket from Backlog to Kanban board:

  1. On the Status column of the corresponding Backlog ticket, select TO DO.

    move from Backlog to Kanban board

    Note that the ticket is moved to the project Kanban board.

    Move ticket to Kanban board

    Info: To learn how to naviagte to the project Kanban board, see View Kanban board.