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API artifacts


Artifact types

Xapi organizations enable systematically evolving your [APIs and API models] by incorporating:

  • New Features: To add new features to APIs/API models. Test
  • Improvements: To enhance existing API/API model features, e.g., UI changes, code refactoring, and algorithm changes.
  • Bug Fixes: To fix existing API/API model issues.

How it works

  1. Artifact creation: Organization/project members can lodge expected API/API model changes as tickets called, Xapi API artifacts.
  2. Artifact assigning: Permitted members can assign tickets to team members.
  3. Artifact processing: Ticket assignees can start working on API/API model change as per the ticket description in a dedicated development branch.


Processing each artifact on a dedicated development branch enables:

  • API evolution in a controlled and systematic manner
  • Parallely processing multiple artifacts indepedently
  • Minimizing conflicts and disruptions to existing functionality
  • Tracking API eveolution
  • Ability to revert changes (if needed)