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Add Member

Adding members

The organization owner and organization admins can add organization members and organization consumers to the project. You can add people to the project either when creating the project or after creating the project.


Info: To add people when creating the project, see create project

To add people to a project:

  1. From the left-navigation, click on All Projects.

    All projects
  2. Select a preferred project.

  3. Click ADD PEOPLE.

    Add people

    Note that the Add Members pop-up appears.

    Add members pop up
  4. You may add organization members or consumers to the project.

FieldDescriptionSample Value
Member name

Invite users by entering the email or username.

  • For existing Xapi users, enter the username (@username).
  • For non-Xapi users, enter the email.
  • 📃
    Note: You can invite up to eight individuals at a time.
  • Existing Xapi users: @johndoe
  • Non-Xapi users:
  • Member role

    This is the user role that the invitee will assume in this project:

  • API Reviewer
  • API Designer
  • ℹ️
    Info: To learn more about project roles, see project users.
    API Reviewer
    1. Click Add Members.