User Guides

Deleting projects

Xapi organization owner and organization admins can delete the suspended projects to remove the project from the system completely.

To delete a project:


Warning! The following steps will delete a project permanently.

  1. From the left navigation, select All Projects.

    All projects

    Note that the All Projects screen appears.

  2. Select a preferred suspended project.

  3. Click horizontal ellipsis > Delete project.

    Delete project

    Note that a confirmation pop-up appears.

    Delete confirmation
  4. You may do either of the following:

    • Option A: To move the existing project catalog items to the organization catalog:

      a. Click Catalog drop down.

      b. Select the APIs you want to move.

      Delete confirmation

      c. Click Move & Delete.

    • Option B: To delete the project with the APIs of the project catalog:

      a. Click Delete All.

      Delete confirmation
  5. Enter the Project name.

  6. Click Yes, Delete.

Now, the project is permanently deleted from the organization.