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Creating a premium organization

To create a premium organization:

  1. On the top ribbon, click CREATE > Organization.

    Create button

Note that the Select Subscription Plan dialog appears.

a. To try Xapi for free for 30 days, click Start Xapi for free.

b. To start using premium features, select a preferred subscription tier. Note that the New premium organization pop-up appears.

Subscription Plan
  1. Under Details, enter organization details as given below.


    Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory.

FieldDescriptionSample Value
Organization name*This uniquely identifies the organization.Coffee Bean
Display nameThis is the name that appears in organization’s public profile and other referred places.Coffee Bean
Alias*This refers to the organization when displaying resources that are created under this organization, e.g., projects and APIs.
Note: Only six characters are allowed.
Addtional LinksThis is to add links related to the organization.
DescriptionThis describes the organization.This organization is for creating APIs for coffee bean PVT LTD.
Private OrganizationThis specifies:
  • If enabled: This organization is a private organization, hence is only visible to the organization members.
  • If disabled: This organization is a public organization, hence is visible to all Xapi users.
  • a. Click Next.

    b. Under INVITE, you may invite organization members as given below.

    FieldDescriptionSample Value
    Member nameInvite users by entering the email or username.
  • For existing Xapi users, enter the username (@username).
  • For non-Xapi users, enter the email.
  • 📃
    Note: You may invite up to eight individuals at a time.
  • Existing Xapi users: @johndoe
  • Non-Xapi users:
  • Member roleThis is the user type that the invitee will assume at this organization:
  • Organization Admin
  • Organization Member
  • Organization Consumer
  • ℹ️
    Info: To learn more about organization user types, see Organization users.
    Organization Admin

    c. Click Next.

    d. Under AVATAR, you may either upload an avatar or select an existing avatar.

    e. Click Next.

    f. Under REVIEW, you may review the entered details.


    Tip: You may change the entered details by going back to the respective tabs.

    1. Click Proceed to billing. Upon successfully creating the organization, note that:

      • The organization dashboard of your newly created organization appears.
      • You are assigned as the organization owner role for this organization.
      • All the invitees of your organization will be notified.