User Guides

Updating integrations

Xapi allows updating integrations as follows:

  • Switching the synchronizing integration
  • Updating the integration details

Switching the synchronizing integration

The organization owner, organization admins, and API reviewers can switch the synchronizing integration of an API.

To switch the synchronizing integration from the editor:


Before you begin:

  1. Sign in to Xapi (opens in a new tab).
  2. Navigate to a preferred organization.
  3. Navigate to a preferred project.
  4. Navigate to a preferred API version or model.
  1. Click Sync API > Change Integration.

    Change integration
  2. Select the integration platform that you wish to synchronize with and turn on the toggle.

    Select integration
  3. Select the preferred integration. Note that the Selected Integration field updates.

    Selected integration

Updating the integration details

The organization owner and admins can update the integrations.

To update an integration:

  1. On the integration that you wish to update, click horizontal ellipsis > Edit.

    Edit integration

 Note that the integration details pop-up appears.

Edit integration pop-up
  1. Edit the necessary details.

  2. Click Next. Note that the REVIEW tab appears.

  3. Click Update Integration.