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Unsuspending suspended organization admins and members

Xapi organizations enable unsuspending already-suspended organization users and regrant access.


Note: Who can unsuspend whom from their organization?

  • The organization owner can unsuspend already-suspended organization admins and organization members.
  • The organization admin can only unsuspend already-suspended organization members.

To unsuspend an already suspended organization user:


Warning! Unsuspended organization users will be regranted access to the organization, its projects, and its catalogs.

  1. From the Organization drop down, click All Organization.
    Organization drop down

Note that the organization’s All Organization screen appears.

  1. Under the horizontal ellipsis , click Unsuspend organization.

Unsuspend Organization
  1. In the confirmation pop-up, click Yes, Unsuspend. Note that the unsuspended user will be notified via an email and an in-app notification.