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Kanban board

Creating Kanban ticket

Xapi allows the organization owner, organization admins, API reviewers, and API designers to create Kanban tickets.

To create a Kanban ticket:

  1. You may perform either of the following options:

    • Option A: On the top ribbon, click CREATE > Task.

      Create task from Create button
    • Option B: Click New Ticket.

      Create task from new ticket button

    Note that the Create new Kanban ticket pop-up appears.

    Image description
  2. Enter details as given below.


    Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory.

    Field Description Sample Value
    Project*This is the project where the ticket is created.COFFEE CRM
    Task Type*This should be either of the following:
    • Task
    • Bug
    • Feature
    • Improvement
    Select APIThis is to link an API to this ticket.Epiconnect API
    Title*This is the title of the Kanban ticket.Implement OAuth 2 authentication for secure user login.
    DescriptionThis is the description of the ticket.As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance security and streamline user authentication, this Kanban ticket aims to implement OAuth (Open Authorization) into our system
    AttachmentThis is to attach documents related to the ticket.
    AssigneeThis is the assignee of the Kanban ticket.John Doe
    Priority*This is to define the Kanban ticket priority as either of the following:
    • Highest
    • High
    • Medium(Default)
    • Low
    • Lowest
    Due dateThis is the expected completion date of the Kanban ticket.2023-07-01
    LabelThis is to label the Kanban ticket.CRM OAuth
    ReporterThis is the user name of the Kanban ticket reporter. The ticket creator is assigned as the reporter by default.
  3. Click Create. Note that:

    • If the ticket was associated with an API, it will appear in the Kanban TO DO column.


      Info: To learn how to view the ticket in the Kanban board, see Viewing Kanban.

    • If the ticket was not associated with an API, it will appear in the Backlog.


      Info: To learn how to view a ticket in the Backlog, see Viewing Project Backlog.