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Register and sign in

Sign in and manage your Xapi account

The following sections describe how you can create an Xapi account to register with Xapi and sign in to Xapi using your user credentials or your Google/GitHub/Microsoft accounts. Then Xapi can uniquely identify you and provide security for and control over your information.

To Create an Xapi Account:

With an Xapi account, your data will be linked to an individual profile. This profile probably contains all the information, and can also be a home for any other data that Xapi chooses to attach to your profile.

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  • Click Register.
  • Enter your login credentials. Simply, enter the email and username with a password. The password must contain a minimum of eight characters.
  • Click Create Account. Note that a verification email is sent to the email address you just provided.
    To complete the Xapi sign up click on the verification link in the verification email. The verification link will navigate you to the Xapi Sign-in page.


  • If you cannot find the verification email in your email Inbox, check the Spam or All Mail folders.
  • If the link has expired, click on the Resend New Link button. The validation period of the link is limited to 48 hours.

To Sign up for the first time

  • Enter the login credentials that you provided on the Xapi Sign Up page.

Tip: To remember your login credentials on your device, select Remember Me.

  • Click Sign-in. Congratulations! You have just signed up with Xapi. Well-come to Xapi Services. The Xapi Home screen displays the Quick Start, your profile, and so on.

To Sign in to Xapi

You can Sign in to Xapi using your login credentials or your Google, GitHub, and Microsoft accounts.

  • To Sign in to Xapi using your Credentials

    • Enter your Username or Email Address.
    • Then, enter your Password.
    • Click Sign-in. The Xapi Home screen appears.
  • To Sign in to Xapi using a social login.

  • Select the preferred account from the following options.

    • Google
    • GitHub
    • Microsoft
  • Enter the Username or Email Address.

  • Enter your Password.


Note: A authentication verification process is performed.

  • The resulting panel displays the given email address. Then enter a Username.
  • Click Set Username.

The Xapi Home screen appears.